Drug Facts

Welcome to Drug-Facts.info where we will give you the facts about drugs, what they do to the body, how addictive they are and other related information about drugs.

First of all let me lay a basic fact on you about drugs in general and that is that all drugs are just poisons. They go in your body and alter the way it works and your body has to go to extra lengths to deal with these changes. That being said there are some times when drugs are necessary to help deal with certain problems. In this case the minimum amount required would be best because then at least the body does not have to deal with so much drugs in its system.

One more problem with drugs is the risk of dependency. When a person takes a certain amount of a drug their body may become “used” to that drug being in the system. Biologically what happens is the body has learned how to break down that chemical (this happens generally very fast as the body has  specific proteins for breaking down chemical structures.) and will develop a different technique to live with that drug in the system. Once this happens an individual’s body can be said to be “dependent” on that drug because taking it away then causes withdrawal symptoms as the body re-adjusts to it not being present in the blood stream and in the body. The other sad effect of dependency is that sometimes the body takes a long time to re-adjust when coming off of the drug because the body has forgotten how to produce the chemical that was replaced by the drug. Basically the drug that was used acted like a chemical the body already produced and so it got the idea that it “didn’t need to make that chemical anymore” and stopped manufacturing it internally because it was somewhat replaced by this other drug. It takes time to heal this damage and so every drug one uses should be done as minimally as possible in order to keep the body in natural balance where it will take-care of itself without the need for drugs.

Information on specific drugs will be added soon so come back and have a look! Thank you and have a nice day.

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